Buy now, pay now: the importance of budgeting for gifts

Gino Farina Money

How much do you think the average Aussie spends on gifts each month? $20, $50 or 100? (hint: we’re a generous bunch). Today we’ll look at why it’s important to budget for these expenses correctly, rather than succumbing to ‘buy now, pay later’ services.

Granny flat could boost your property value by 30%

Gino Farina Money

Backyard cricket pitch not getting much of a workout these days? Sick of your weekends being taken up with mowing and gardening? Installing a granny flat could provide a profitable solution – boosting the value of your home by 30% and adding around 27% to rental income.

Existing borrowers must get active or suffer higher rates

Gino Farina Home Loans

A recent ACCC report on the residential mortgage pricing of five major banks between 9 May 2017 to 30 June 2018 found that opaque discretionary pricing inflated borrowers’ costs (including their time and effort) to discover better offers, directly impacting their enthusiasm to shop around.