Unlike residential home loans, the pricing of commercial and business finance is rarely found on lenders' websites and is usually negotiated on your specific circumstances, taking into account your business background and security offered. Working with a broad range of lenders allows me to secure competitive rates and provide you with a personalised finance solution.


Commercial Finance

If you are planning to purchase commercial real estate, there is a significant investment in time and planning on top of organising finance. With commercial policies varying by lender, it pays to have an experienced commercial mortgage broker working with you to understand your plans and working with your accountant, commercial buyer's agent and solicitor as part of your professional team.

Business Finance

With many commercial lenders looking at business loan applications to determine their return on investment based on your profile and risk, it is critical that you not only work with a business mortgage broker that has a wide range of lender options available, but also has wealth of business experience that can assist with the loan application and can provide insights and guidance to reduce your cost of borrowing in the future.
With my broad career experience in both SME and large corporations and in both planning and operations, I will work with you to provide a range of finance solutions, including:
● Trade finance
● Business line of credit
● Invoice discounting
● Overdraft facilities
Business Advisory services are also available.

Equipment Finance

Understanding the ideal equipment finance options needs to take into account your business plan, cash flow and taxation implications prior to determining the correct purchase path to take. Whether it is a finance lease, hire purchase, chattel mortgage or novated lease, the finance options chosen will best align to your business situation and goals.
A wide range of finance loans are available for:
● Car, trucks and buses
● Forklifts, cranes and other industrial equipment and machinery
● Computer and office equipment
● Printing, manufacturing and medical equipment

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