Vehicle & Asset Finance

The role of an asset financier extends well beyond the loan, and in many respects they can act as an advisor to help you achieve the planned outcome from your purchase, usually growth or value.

If you are considering a new vehicle purchase or are looking to finance commercial equipment for your business, I not only have a wide range of competitive finance solutions available, but can also work with you to ensure the purchase helps achieve your future goals.


Vehicle Finance

While getting a loan from a car dealer may provide convenience, the dealer will rarely offer the most competitive loan terms to meet your needs. With many hidden costs, including application fees, final interest rates, additional charges and pre-termination payments, it pays to have a finance broker review your options so they can provide a solution from a broad range of lenders.

Buying Service

With time an increasingly precious commodity, the thought of online searching, dealer visits and negotiation to find the best buy on a new car usually ends in you paying more than if you had enlisted the services of a car buying agent who specialises in sourcing new and pre owned vehicles. Contact me to find out more.

Equipment Finance

Understanding the ideal equipment finance options needs to take into account your business plan, cash flow and taxation implications prior to determining the correct purchase path to take.

Whether it is a finance lease, hire purchase, chattel mortgage or novated lease, the finance options chosen will best align to your business situation and goals.

A wide range of finance loans are available for:

  • Car, trucks and buses
  • Forklifts, cranes and other industrial equipment and machinery
  • Computer and office equipment
  • Printing, manufacturing and medical equipment

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